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Getting started with Continuos Integration for IT Admins using GitHub actions workflows

This video gives an overview of Continuous integration for your projects using GitHub Action Workflows. A better understanding on basic familiarities with GitHub actions workflow is an advantage for getting more insights on this video.

Follow this link for testing Continuos Integration –

Hope you enjoyed this video !!

Getting started with GitHub Actions to Automate your software workflow

GitHub Actions is a flexible way to automate nearly every aspect of your team’s software workflow. We can automate testing, continuously deploy , review code and much more.

Take a look at the below video to get an overview and to start with GitHub Actions.

Hope you enjoyed this video !!

Introduction to GitHub for IT Admins

This video provides an introduction and overview of GitHub for IT Admins. Follow this link for trying the first repository creation in the GitHub –…

Take a look at this videe for getting more information on the same.

Hope you enjoyed this video !

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