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Configure Throttling Policy In Exchange Server 2016/13/10

The concept of throttling policy is first introduced in Exchange 2007, by which admin can impose some policies that prevents user application from sending number of Remote Procedure Call per second.
Throttling policies are meant for enhancing the Exchange performance in the organization. It keeps a track of consumption of resources by the end-user and also imposes the bandwidth limits. Continue reading

Remove Exchange Server 2010 From a DAG

If you are interested in removing existing Exchange Server 2010 from a Database Availability Group then this article completely belongs to you. Continue reading

Technique for Monitoring Mailbox Audit Logging in Exchange Server 2010

Nowadays many business professionals want to track that who is accessing their mailbox in an organization to have details, who is performing certain actions on their mailbox items. To perform such monitoring of data, Exchange Server 2010 (SP1 or later) offers a feature known as Mailbox Audit Logging. This feature provides the monitoring mailbox audit logging in Exchange Server 2010. However, this functionality is not turned on by default. These are enable by the Exchange administrator for those mailboxes that are measured sensitive or can be accessed anywhere. In the following section, we will discuss the way to of enabling Mailbox Audit.

Continue reading

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