Mailbox move from Exchange 2010 to 2016 might stall with the message move status RelinquishedWlmStall

Recently on one of our migration from Exchange 2010 to 2016 we were unable to move the mailboxes from Exchange 2010 and 2016.

It was giving us the below error and the move request was not progressing


Not sure what was the reason behind this but Below are the possible work around :

1) First preferred option is we can submit the new move requests by modifying the Priority to emergency or highest by running the below command.
New-MoveRequest -Identity Mailbox -TargetDatabase “DB Name” -BatchName Test -Priority Highest

There is an option of modifying the workload type of MRS as a whole from Exchange 2016.
But this parameter is reserved only for Microsoft at the moment.
This is because not to change the workload parameter for the move requests since the other operations might be affected and might run out of resources.
Its better to use the above command only which will bypass the WLM throttling and will not disturb the other system operations.
Anyways we do not have an to option to specify this parameter at this moment and as per my view this is good based on the previous line.

2) As a workaround for the ReLinguishedWlmStall Status we can also temporarily change the following registry key:

Change “MRS” value in the Exchange 2016 server

Navigate to  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\MSExchange ResourceHealth] and set the value to 0 on the 2016 server.
Then restart the Mailbox Replication service.
Now try the move requests

3) Also you can create a new management override temporarily until the migration completes by running the below command. But keep this as a last option.

Get-ExchangeServer | ?{$_.AdminDisplayVersion -like “*15*”} | ForEach {New-SettingOverride -Component “WorkloadManagement” -Name “$_ MRS Override” -Server $_.Name -Section MailboxReplicationService -Reason “move request temp” –
Parameters Classification=Urgent -MinVersion 15.0}

Usually they say that this issue might occur if there are any performance issues experienced on the server.
But in my case there was no performance issue experienced by exchange 2016 server.
IMP Note:

These all changes must be done carefully on production environment after careful analysis and investigation.
There are few chances that the other operations might be affected on changing the Work Load Management option.
Keep an eye of the system resources during this process and Make sure that you revert back all the settings once the migration is completed.

If you want to know more on Work load Management there is an excellent write up by MVP Ratish –

Thanks & Regards

Sathish Veerapandian 

MVP – Office Servers & Services

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