3 reasons why you must move to cloud storage

Even if you are not that interested in technology, you still must have heard about cloud storage. Services like One Drive,Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive are usually part of the default applications available on smartphones and tablets.

As far as computers go, tools are used prominently also. One of the best things about clouds is the fact that you have access to a few gigabytes of free storage. For casual users, the free account is often enough.

On the other hand, if you have bigger needs, the option to upgrade exists as well. You can get up to a few terabytes for a few dollars every month. Of course, different services have different pricing models, but the prices are not significantly higher or lower because there is competition to consider.

Setting up a cloud account is relatively easy, but if you are still on the fence about using one, then this article should make you reconsider.

A Backup Solution

Backing up device data is a rule of thumb many people follow. There are no guarantees that your data is safe, so it makes sense to back up data.

For example, the best way to backup MacBook, or at least one of the best ways, is to use a Time Machine. But what if you do not have sufficient storage on an external storage accessory that you use in combination with Time Machine?

Backing some of it to a cloud account is more convenient than buying another external storage accessory, especially if you are missing only a few gigabytes to complete the whole backup.

Of course, one can rely on cloud storage as the only way to back up data. Clouds are known for their safety, and you will have a digital option to access the files. There is no need to mount an external HDD or insert a USB flash stick.

A Storage Solution

Running out of disk space is common, especially if one does not mind what they are keeping on the devices.

It is recommended to avoid storing large media files, especially movies and TV shows when you can access them via streaming platforms. 

A similar thing can be said about other media, like photos. Social media networks allow you to create albums and keep the images there.

With that said, even multiple solutions and tricks might not cut it, forcing you to look for more ideas. And this is where cloud storage comes in.

You can transfer files to the cloud and free up space on your computer and smartphone. Yes, it means that the free option that offers a few gigabytes is unlikely to cut it, but it is still better than nothing. 

And if you want, you can just upgrade the plan by spending a few dollars every month and gain access to a significant amount of available storage on your cloud account.

A Collaboration Solution

Whether you are working remotely or in-house, there are multiple instances when more than one person has to have access to certain files.

It is much easier to keep track of everything when you have documents in the same place. Cloud services allow businesses to create multiple profiles for the same account and modify files directly.

If you, let’s say, need to make small adjustments in an MS Word document, there is no need to copy the file to your computer and paste it into the cloud after. Simply open the file directly in the cloud and make the necessary changes. After you finish, save the progress, and the next person who opens the document will see those changes.

The collaboration factor might not seem like a big deal from a casual user’s point of view, but it plays a prominent role and can make a notable difference for those who use cloud storage for work.


All in all, when you combine all the benefits of using cloud storage with the fact that it is reliable, secure, and has both free and premium options, it becomes pretty clear why such a thing is used so much.

Hopefully, this article was enough to convince those who were on the fence about all that cloud services have to offer.


Sophia Meyer

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