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Microsoft Teams – Setup your own compact personal productivity assistant Teams Screen for better meeting experience

Smart displays for Microsoft Teams provide better experience to help employees work more efficiently practically from anywhere. This device can efficiently be used for fast, secure and easy hot desking. Employees may get the most out of their workday by using these personal display panels. For example, on a day when we have many back-to-back Teams Meetings, we can dedicate this device solely to Teams Meetings, while simultaneously using our laptops just for our work.

This will help in reducing the computing memory CPU utilization in our laptops if we are using our laptops for any other heavy backend application or tasks that is been used for our daily operations. Having said that there are multiple Microsoft recommended products listed here in this blog we are going to have a look only at the Lenovo Think Smart View.

While unboxing the product the first look of the product looks like below.

It is powered by a 1x Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 Processor, Memory 2G LPDDR3 and 8GB hard drive.
It has only wireless network, with Bluetooth enabled , One 5MP camera and 8.0″ IPS LCD screen and the device is powered by an AC adapter.

Above configuration will be more than sufficient to run Teams APP on this device. The device is powered with the Android version 8.1In addition it has 1.75″ 10W full-range loudspeaker with two passive tweeters. It also has an inbuilt MIC at the top and not sure about the range , however it must be definitely sufficient for using them as a personal device.

Further more at the top it has the volume control & mute buttons. On the right side there is toggle switch to close and open the camera lens.

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