Steps to Deploy Data Loss Prevention in Exchange 2013

Most of the organization like Financial,Banking,Production etc.,will be having lot of sensitive,confidential and secure data.These data s are stored in most of the users mailbox and communicated even through IM.

It is really a difficult part in terms of protecting these kind of company confidential data since these data can be copied by means of USB,Printing,Email Communication,IM etc.,

Microsoft have introduced a new package which comes along with exchange 2013 in terms of protecting the company sensitive data stored in the form of emails.

Data Loss Prevention is a premium feature that requires an Enterprise Client Access License (CAL).

Below are the steps to configure the DLP in Exchange 2013

Open EAC -> Click on Compliance Management -> and select Data Loss Prevention



You have three options as shown
New DLP policy
Import DLP policy
New Custom DLP polic



The next screen brings you the DLP policy template where you define name,description,choose template and mode of requirements as below



Choose the  options as required and click on save.

We are done with DLP created and it will show an option as enforcing and we can see few other options to test the created DLP policyImage


Once the policy is enforced we can see the DLP created.When we click on the created DLP we have multiple options as shown in the screen below like including override as well.



We can create a custom DLP according to our requirement as well as we can import an existing template.

This will be very helpful for any organization in terms of protecting sensitive data.


Sathish Veerapandian 

MVP – Exchange Server 

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