Logitech TAP Scheduler for Microsoft Teams

Meeting room scheduler makes it simple to locate and reserve the appropriate room. There are lot of meeting room schedulers available in the market which fetches the room availability from Exchange Online or Exchange OnPremise Accounts. These TAP meeting room schedulers usually helps us to see the meeting details at a glance and reserve the room for adhoc or future meetings. This helps the business a lot because most of the time people find it hard to schedule adhoc meeting in a meeting room to check for the free/busy availability in the Calendar.

Having said the benefits of the meeting room panels We’ll look at the Logitech TAP scheduling and how it works with Microsoft Teams.

At first appearance, from the hardware perspective it appears to have a clean and convenient setup, with features such as Easy Installation with Included Mounts, Hide Cabling for a Clean Setup, 10.1″ touchscreen, Anti-fingerprint, robust build, and meeting availability lighting indicators.

The device is powered by the POE cable which makes the cabling and mounting this device on the wall in a very easier manner. When turning on the device we get the below screen which is evident that the device is powered by the Logitech Collab OS.

Next it brings to the below screen , where we need to choose our preferred connectivity mode. In this case since it fetches only the calendar information guess there should not be any problem on choosing the connection between wired and wireless connection.

The best thing is that if we have a proxy configuration we have a configuration in place to set the PAC URL, server details and a port number as well.

After a successful configuration we are presented with the below screen which mentions the successful network setup.

Finally in the next screen , we could notice that there are options to setup service for 4 services as below Zoom, Teams, Robin and Meetio.

In our example we are going to choose Microsoft Teams. After we select Microsoft Teams App we get the below screen.

So basically we need to login to the above URL from a mobile or a computer. It uses the Microsoft Authentication Broker Service to login to these devices. Use the above code and the associated resource account that needs to be configured for the meeting room service.

So the device has the broker app installed and supports them via intune company portal the moment we click on continue on the above screen.

Finally we see the device is setup successfully and below is the first look and feel of the device when it is enabled for Microsoft Teams. We could also notice the Green light on the corner which indicates that the meeting room is Available, upcoming meetings and available meeting slots. So when the device is mounted in the wall in the large offices we could easily spot an available meeting room to schedule an Adhoc Meeting.

There is an option to reserve a meeting directly from the panel, where it gives us an multiple options to choose an end time.

Finally when the meeting is reserved, we see the red light which indicates the room is booked.

Now the Teams Video meeting room display panel gets the scheduled meeting information and the join button to start the Microsoft Teams Meeting. This is because both the devices needs to have the same account configured so that they get the meeting information from the calendar.

In the same way when a end user schedules a Teams Meeting from the Teams Client or from the Outlook Calendar the TAP meeting scheduler gets the meeting reserved notification. I noticed closer to a minute delay between the Teams Device accepting and showing the meeting and the TAP meeting scheduler. I guess that should be fine because the TAP meeting scheduler in the backed uses Teams account and the EWS calendar refresh to Exchange Online might take some seconds to show the reserved meeting.

So far we have seen setting up the device and meeting experience in the Logitech TAP meeting scheduler along with the Teams Meeting enabled Device. Now we will look at the ways to administer the device.

For the Teams Perspective the device can be managed from Logitech Sync Portal as well as from the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Here we will look at managing the devices from the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

In panel section under the devices section in Teams Admin Center, we can see that the device has been successfully registered.

Now looking at the device state in the first section, we could see there is option to see the device status , option to download device logs, update software and restart the device.

In the software app section it provides us all the option about the software, current version and their health status.

And in the details section we can see the username, IP Address , MAC Address and OEM Serial Number.

Finally at the actions tab like other Teams Devices section in Teams Admin Center there is option to check for updates, Create tags per country/division, Sign-out and finally remove device.

We also have a configuration profile which can be created and set Device Lock, Time Out, Device Lock PIN, Language, TimeZone, Date and Time Format

There is also option to Change the busy state LED color, and pick the Themes. There are five themes available by default and at the moment of writing this blog there is no option to upload a custom theme.

There is also an option to set Office Hours and Power Saving mode.

There are options to set Network settings from this configuration profile.

Once the configuration profile is created we can select the device and use the option assign configuration profile by searching the profile and assigning them to the required devices.

In the above example since it was just one device we did the installation from the panel. There is also an option to perform the bulk provisioning from the Teams Admin Center by uploading the device MAC address and the Device must be online.

We can add MAC addresses manually or upload them as a CSV if we have more number of devices

Once uploaded we just need to select the device and use the option generate verification code

The Logitech Panels is configured and reported to Microsoft Teams Admin Center, making it possible to administer them from a single, unified Microsoft Teams Admin Portal.

With all the above administrative tasks, guess its definitely easier to manage the administration of these panels easily from the Teams Admin Center. With this guess we have completely covered all the options that is available in the Logitech TAP meeting Scheduler. The Logitech TAP Scheduler can be a useful Room Scheduling solution for enterprises that use Microsoft Teams as a meeting room solution. Tap Scheduler makes it simple to locate and reserve the meeting rooms that are available.

7 thoughts on “Logitech TAP Scheduler for Microsoft Teams

  1. Larry October 28, 2022 at 6:05 pm Reply

    Thank you for the content, its very comprehensive. I’m currently trying to setup one of these panels and the issue I’m experiencing is no booked meetings are showing on the tap scheduler even though mail client calendar have them. My environment is Exchange 2019 on-premises with o365 office licensing. Could you list some setup prerequisites such as what licensing is required to make this work?

    Thank you


    • Sathish Veerapandian October 31, 2022 at 1:21 pm Reply

      I would suggest to run Get-CalendarProcessing for that affected room mailbox and see all the booking policies.


  2. Chijioke December 2, 2022 at 3:58 pm Reply

    Hello Sathish.

    Thanks for the in-depth view of this installation.

    I have installed about 6 of these units and have had no issues except for this recent one.

    The error says, “Couldn’t connect to Workplace Join. Try again or contact your administrator”.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Many thanks!



    • Sathish Veerapandian December 14, 2022 at 11:13 pm Reply

      Looks like this is a new message. Did you look for any additional logs in the Device


  3. Tom January 13, 2023 at 8:10 pm Reply

    I was hoping that Teams Room Basic license is sufficient to have this panel outside the room. Seems that it’s not and it’s frustrating..


    • Sathish Veerapandian January 15, 2023 at 7:12 pm Reply

      Hi Tom
      Not sure about current situation. But when i tried this 1 year back i was able to deploy this via Teams Rooms basic license. May be Licensing SKU based on feature set have changed now


      • Tom January 16, 2023 at 6:57 pm

        Figured out that you need Teams meeting room + Teams shared device license to make it sign in. At least it’s cheaper than Teams Room Pro license for kind of simple functionality.

        Liked by 1 person

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