UC Analytics by Code Software

UC Analytics – Monitoring and reporting for Skype for Business

Available anywhere and on all devices the powerful analytics enable organisations to get smart about the areas that matter most to their businesses. UC Analytics is a user driven solution which delivers relevant information through its customisable dashboards and the automated reports.

Skype for Business allows users to connect from anywhere using different communication methods such as voice, video, IM and conferencing allowing you to improve your business outcomes in a sustainable way.

It can reduce the operational costs of travel, telecoms and IT and increase response times and productivity but only if you are smartly managing the resources. UC Analytics ensures that users are adopting the new modes of communication and the expected cost savings are being realised. It will highlight potential problems areas showing usage trends assisting you in driving user adoption through education and training.

Monitoring reports provide basic analytical reports with some useful information.

It has the comprehensive user adoption reports and dashboards for Lync but also can collate data from other data sources such as Cisco UCM, Avaya and mobile phones.

Solution overview:

UC Analytics is a monitoring and reporting tool which delivers a 360⁰ view of Skype for Business usage and associated costs. Trends in use of voice, video, IM, conferences, file transfers and app sharing can be compared highlighting user acceptance, performance metrics and cost savings enabling more effective use of resources.

It is easy to use, displaying information either through the customizable dashboard user interface or automated reports in a simple to view format suitable for use by any employee within an organisation without the need for any time consuming manual processes.


The dashboards deliver a real-time snapshot of Skype for Business usage updating every 60 seconds. Enjoy the flexibility of a user experience the way you want it, you decide what charts go where and what information is displayed. Filters can be applied directly to the charts ensuring only relevant information is displayed and click through reporting produces detailed reports with a single click.

Example of few samples:

We have an option to see which client, IP the user is logging


This can be integrated to a dashboard  which displays automated daily reports as below


We have an option to generate outbound and inbound calls and choose the pie chart options of our choiceSFC4

The report has options to choose top destinations, top usage employees , unused extensions and queue status


Good thing is that this product supports multi-tenancy as well  and we have option to automate reports based on OU.


We have option to collect response group utilization and check the cost usage by every users for enterprise voice.



All reports can be scheduled to run automatically or generated on a one-off basis. Delivery is typically via email or saved to disk and can be in a variety of formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV. Standard report templates are available for user adoption, capacity planning, conferences, call carrier comparisons, costs and more.


The varying reporting requirements of organisations using Skype for Business means the reporting solution must be flexible enough to reflect these diverse needs. The report designer allows users to define the fields displayed in reports ensuring the information is entirely relevant. The report builder allows reports to be sorted and grouped by up to 3 levels such as date, department, employee, cost, duration or call volume. Filters can be applied including date, time, call direction, call type, employee, extension, department, response group and more. There is the option to include or exclude charts which can be bar, pie, line or stacked bar. Details displayed on the Y-Axis can also be selected dependant on report type. It is easy to brand the reports with an organisations logo and relevant colour scheme.



It is possible to set up as many system alarms as required. When a user defined call criteria has been met such as low MOS, specific error ID, calls over a defined cost or duration an alarm is instantly delivered by email and immediate action can be taken.  Using the budget feature you can even set a monthly cost threshold on an extension, when this has been reached outbound calling is barred allowing further investigation to be made which addresses employee abuse and the threat of toll fraud.

Hardware Specification and requirements:

One web application server
Intel Xeon or Equivalent 2 cores CPU with 2.66 Ghz Intel Processor
4 GB RAM Minimum
Windows 2008/2012 OS 64 Bit + IIS + ASPNET +FrameWork 4.5
SQL 2008\2012\2014 express 64 bit
Minimum 40 GB HDD
100/1000 Ethernet Cards

Connection to remote SQL  is required where the Skype for Business LCSCDR , QOEMetrics and LCSLog databases are hosted.
The reporting URL is published on MS SQL port which is usual 1433 but it can be changed based on the requirement.

Their Team  would be happy to organise a demonstration of the solution or a completely free of charge trial  and you can reach them through their website www.codesoftware.net

Thanks & Regards

Sathish Veerapandian


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