Configure Enterprise Vault Server Driven PST migration

This article outlines the steps to perform a bulk import of the PST files to large number of mailboxes Archive in Enterprise Vault.

There are few methods to perform the server driven migration in enterprise vault and we will cover one option using the PST task controller services.


A csv file with below information needs to be prepared for feeding the data to the Enterprise vault personal store management.



Where –

UNCPath – path of the pst files. Better to keep them in the Enterprise Vault server which will speed up the migration.
Mailbox – Display Name of the Mailbox of this associated EV archive.
Archive – Display Name of this Archive.
Archive Type – Exchange Mailbox  since its  associated with Exchange mailbox.
Retention Category – Can choose based on requirement
Priority – Can choose based on requirement.
Language – Can choose based on requirement
Directory server – Choose the corresponding directory server.
Site Name – Choose the corresponding site name.

Once the csv file is ready , we need to import the data via personal store management, by choosing multiple and feeding the CSV file.



Once  imported we can see the summary of successfully imported CSV files.

If its unable to find any associated archives in the csv file it will give an error message only for them and we have an option to export them as csv files.


After this import is successful we can see the list of successfully imported files with below information.


Now we have provided the EV  with the required data to migrate to this associated archive. Now we need to create PST collector Task ,PST migrator task, PST Migration Policy.

After this we need to create PST holding folder by right clicking on EV site properties and specifying the location. This PST holding folder is a temp location used by EV to copy the actual PST files from the UNC path and perform the import.

This is done because when EV tries to import a pst and if its failed then that pst can no longer be used. After the migration is complete it will automatically delete these files based on the PST migration policy that we have configured.


After this configure the PST migration policy –

We need to ignore the client driven settings here , because we are performing a server driven migration by providing the Pst files via csv file.


There is option to set the post migration configuration of pst files. Its better not to use this option until the complete migration task is over and we get confirmation from end users.


There is a very good option to send email notification post migration.


After this we need to create PST collector Task


This setting is very important to specify the maximum number of pst to be collected in the holding area. We can set this value based on our requirement.


We should schedule the collector task schedule, probably after office hours.


Configure the Migrator Task

once this is done we need to configure the pst migrator task


we need to configure temporary file location for the pst file to start the migration


Also we have the option of number of PSTs to migrate concurrent, which we  can increase based on our requirement. After the CSV is imported we can run the PST collector and migrator task which will start importing the psts to the associated EV accounts.

Also there is a file dashboard which will always help us to  check the current migration status.



Very important – select the override password for password protected PST files in the personal store management. This will also migrate the password protected PST files. This option looks amazing.


Tips :

  1. Make sure the EV service account is used to run the collector and migrator task.
  2. Make sure the EV service account has full access to the PST holding, collecting and Migrating shared drives. If this is not present the import, collection and migration will fail.
  3. Better not to perform any failovers of the node when the large import operation is happening.
  4. There is PST collector and PST migrator logs generated whenever this task runs and is located in the EV provising task location. This will give more information when any issues or road blocks in the migration
  5. If any of the provided PST files are password protected then they will not be migrated, unless we specify the override password protected files in the personal store management.
  6. Make sure you have enough sufficient free disk space in the PST collector and PST Migrator location.

Thanks & Regards
Sathish Veerapandian

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