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Exclaimer signature manager for on-premise

Maintaining the signature format uniformly for all the users is really a difficult task.Also the signature format will be changing on department, user and job role basis.

At times there might be a requirement to modify the signatures for departments based on events as well.

As an admin it  will be very difficult if you are not having any centralized signature system for the messaging systems.

Out of the available signature applications in the market i always prefer Exclaimer based on their support and options available in their product. In this article we will have a look at configuring the Exclaimer Signature and run through some of the options available in their product.

The installation and configurations are very simple since it is just a transport agent which will be triggered in the categorizer  part and signature will be applied. So this application has to be installed on a server where the transport categorization takes place.

In Exchange 2010 this application needs to be installed on the Hub Transport server

In exchange 2013 & 2016 it has to be installed on Mailbox servers.

One thing we need to make sure is that it has to be installed on all the HUB servers if its exchange 2010 and all the mailbox servers if its exchange 2013 & 2016. This is because the Mail-routing can happen in any of the available transport services and this application needs to be there to trigger in the categorization part.

The installation is pretty simple and straight forward which is very easy .Just need to download the application and install them.

The application can be downloaded from below url


We have the option to keep a backup of the previous configurations which will be easier to revert.

There is option called remote deployment where we need to configure a shared folder for the exclaimer images, configuration files to be stored in a common location so that all the transport servers can be updated without any delay.


Below are the options available for the sent items configuration which are pretty much easier to understand.

It has a temporary file folder where it processes all the signature as a cache before applying them. You can specify a drive on your own.


After a successful installation we  will get a screen as below

We can have multiple signature policies based on department, Organizational Unit and apply to respective ones.


So this signature pulls all the information like Name, Company, Phone Number ..etc from the information present in the mailbox.

So all we need to do is to create a new policy choose and apply the desired values as below from the new created template


We have an option to change the element behavior , layouts as well.


Note: We need to make sure that all the user information like Name, Phone Number, Company are updated. Only then it will update the information from the User object and reflecting in the signature. If the field is not updated then the information will show empty.

The signature can be customized further as well by adding an image, hyperlink to the attached image to them. All kinds of alignments, layouts can be done for the same.


Moreover we have an option to edit the source code of the HTML which is a great amazing feature. By having this option we can customize the signature templates of our own according to the requirement.


There are multiple options available to apply signature based on the requirement.

An example below.


Also we can set exceptions for few users who does not like to have this automated signature policy.We have an option to apply the signature only on a specific date and after that it will be disabled automatically.

There are more features and options available to explore on this product.

Overall we will get a very good support, latest updates, very simple installation configuration  and more features available to customize with this  exclaimer application. And so far with all versions of exchange this product has been always a bread and butter and haven’t caused any issues in terms of considering them as a third party Transport Agent.

Thanks & Regards
Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Office Servers & Services

Exclaimer cloud signatures for office 365

As we all know exclaimer have been in the auto self signed signature market for a long period of time.

I have been working on the on premise version of this product for a quite period of time.

When we talk about the on premise solution based on my experience i would say its definitely a WOW factor. It is loaded with bundles of options by which you can customize the signature per department basis. Even you can give  granularity till each and every user .

If you are an HTML expert then you can play around with the signatures on your own  and make more customization. It gives you the flexibility to modify each and every signature from the source code which is amazing.

I thought to explore the cloud signature for office 365 .In this article we will have a detailed review of the installation and configuration of exclaimer for office 365 environment.


Office 365 subscription with Microsoft.

Admin account in the office 365

Ex-claimer  for office 365 subscription

After you are subscribed for office 365 for exclaimer you will get the below information


Specify the domain name


Then login with your office 365 admin account



Then you will be prompted to read the directory data


Once granted it establishes a connection with the Azure directory


On a successful sync you will get the below information


After establishing synchronization ,now we need to set up a connector inorder to route the emails to exclaimer cloud so that they can apply email signatures to outgoing email.

In-order to achieve this we need to establish connectivity between office 365 and exclaimer cloud.

Inorder to set this up first login with your username and password


Now we have an option to set up signatures for all users in your organization or only for specific users.

If you want to set signatures only for few users then create a group and add all those users in office 365. Since the azure directory is already synced when you type the group name it would be able to pick it up.


Now we need to perform the below actions:

Create Send connector – from your office 365 to Exclaimer cloud

For doing that login with admin privilege on your office 365 portal – Go to mail flow – click connector and create new connector


Make sure to  select only the first option else  your outbound emails will be affected.


Proceed to the next step and smart host it to the below  exclaimer smtp server 


In the similar way we need to create  a receive connector


Now we need to enter ,By verifying that the subject name on the certificate that the sending server uses to authenticate with
Office 365 matches this domain name (recommended)’. In the field below, enter then click ‘Next’:


Now we need to create a rule exactly as below with same values


As we can see the idea behind creating this rule is to forward only genuine emails to the exclaimer cloud and this is very mandatory. The rule is pretty simple and going through the rule will give a clear idea behind them.

On a successful configuration of the above things you can login successfully to your exclaimer for cloud

This is the place where we can create a new signature, Import a signature template designed by your development team or use the existing template which is very good.


Below are the available fields in the signature template provided . It has good default templates which is very good. It pulls all the information from the value eg: Telephone, organization, address on every users mailbox. So we need to make sure that the newly created mailboxes is populated with the values that are required in the template you have chosen.


Below is the sample of signature applied from the exclaimer cloud.



I’m always positive and will definitely recommend Exclaimer for any one based on my personal experience with the on premise version. If Microsoft releases any new version of Exchange i’m sure there will be a supported version of this product without any delay.

The Exclaimer cloud version is too  awesome and also it simplifies more by having the setup in the cloud and you just need to create the signature which is amazing. And the exclaimer support is always instantaneous without any delay based on my real time experience.


Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Exchange Server


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