Office 365 app launcher navigation experience

App launcher is the new feature introduced in office 365 by Microsoft.

This feature gives option to the end users to easily navigate and gives a quick launch option which has the most recent used applications by users which needs to be used for day to day operations can be easily accessible.

What is is APP Launcher ?

App launcher is a single one point click where we can see all the default office 365 applications (Outlook,Excel,PowerPoint,One Note,Word,One Drive etc.,) all together in the same location. In addition to this  we can add few other applications which end users would like to see on this app launcher one point click.

This gives a new navigation experience to the end user where all the applications are available on the top navigation bar.

Below is the icon which would be available once this App Launcher feature is available on office 365 tenants.



Once we click on that we get the below option as shown


We can see there are default office applications and we have an option My apps at the bottom which will navigate to a window where we can modify these applications as shown below.




We have an option to unpin any applications that we do not need in the list.

There are additional apps which can be added from the below office store URL

In addition to above feature there is a new customization feature that provides the option for users to pin up to three mostly used  applications to the right side of the top navigation bar.By doing this end users will get more direct access to the daily most frequently used applications.
Only customers with Exchange on-premise will have this ability to pin and un-pin this option at this time.

This feature will give end users a easy navigation and accessibility to their most frequent used applications on their daily operations.


Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Exchange Server 

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