Steps to run Experfwiz remotely on all Exchange Servers

I have created a simple script to run experfwiz remotely on all the exchange servers. Below steps can be done to accomplish this task.

First get all the servers  and store them in a text file. Ensure that are no spaces between them.

Note: We need to download the experfwiz and have them  on the remote machine from where we are executing this script.

Lets say if we are running this script on all the exchange servers remotely  from one machine we  will be prompted to answer yes or no after it enables the counters on each servers. So each and every time it would ask us an input before it starts collecting the data for all the counters.

In-order to avoid this input each and every-time for all the servers probably we can bypass this confirm switch  parameter to yes so that no manual confirmation of (YES or NO)  is not  required from the admin side. We need to do small modification in the experfwiz script to avoid this input.

Follow the below steps to avoid this manual confirmation.

First download the experfwiz from the below technet link

Open the ps1 file in notepad

Look for the value $answer = confirmAnswer


Change the above value from

$answer = confirmAnswer


$answer = “yes” as shown below


save the PS1 file in the computer where we are going to run experfwiz

Now copy the below script in notepad  , save them in a ps1 file on the computer where we are going to run the experfwiz


$server = Get-Content c:\servers.txt

foreach ($s in $server)

{.\experfwiz.ps1 -Server $s -duration 08:00:00 -interval 5 -filepath \\$s\c$\Logs}


In my example i’m storing it as experfwiz.ps1

Then navigate to the drive and run this command and it will start to run experfwiz  on all exchange servers


The above script will query all the servers we have in text file and will run experfwiz . After that it will store these perfmon logs in  respective servers in the path c$ in a folder called logs.

To directly download the file as PS1 go to  –


Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Exchange Server


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