Script for removing adding users from multiple distribution groups/Specific Distribution Group

Adding and removing users randomly from a Distribution group for an administrators is always an hectic job.
For example if an user who is an part of HR team leaves the company then administrator will receive an request from the HR team to remove the user out of all the HR distribution group.

This is an painful job for an admin to find the user on all associated distribution groups and then remove the user.
This job will be simple if  there could be some kind of an automation script which could remove the users from the associated distribution groups

This task can be achieved by using Dsmod and tweaking the DSmod according to our criteria.Below script will be useful in terms of removing users who have left the organization from their department  associated distribution group.

Step 1: copy the below text and save it in batch file

FOR /F “usebackq delims=” %%* in (“c:\test folder\users.txt”) do (
DSGET.exe USER “%%*” -memberof | DSMOD.exe GROUP -C -RMMBR “%%*”)

I have created an user named exchangequerytest and exchangequeryIT to execute this script as shown belowImage 

Step 2: Add the users DN in a text file in your own desired location or the test location which i have specified in the batch file

Test Location where i save list of users whom i need to remove

c:\test folder\users.txt



Copy the DN name of the users and not alias

use the following command to get the alias –

Below is an sample output for query for an admin account

C:\scripts>dsquery user -name administrator

Copy the output and save it within quotation as shown above in the test location specified in the batch file

Then navigate to the folder where we have the batch file saved and it will pick the users from the text file we have specified and will remove them automatically from all the distribution groups as output shown in the below example.We do not need to specify any DG name


 Finally the user is removed from the distribution group



 The above batch file will remove  the user from all ditrsibution group he was member of.In few cases we might come across some scenario in which we need to remove only from a particular distribution group.You can use the below script to remove from a specific distribution group

Below is an example for removing the user only from the group ITDEPT

FOR /F “usebackq delims=” %%* in (“c:\test folder\users.txt”) do (
dsmod group “ITDEPT” -rmmbr “%%*”)

Note: In the dsmod group ” ” specify the DN of the ITDEPT group and it will remove the users only from ITDEPT group. 

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