Steps to run Process Tracking Log (PTL) tool for use with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010

Monitoring the mail flow  in an organization in the parameters of top email senders,non delivery report triggered,top domain sent list ,large email attachments is a tedious job for an exchange admin.

In-order to overcome these hectic scenarios and make the job of admins simpler Microsoft has introduced  Process Tracking Log which made the job very simple

Below are the steps to run the Process Tracking Log

Step 1 : Download the vb script and save it on “C:\” drive of your Hub server

Download Link :


Step 2: Create this directory in your hub server for output file to be saved



Step3: save all your accepted domains in the below directory



Step 4 :To parse one file in a single directory :


To parse all files in a single directory:



Output will be saved here: c:\temp\MSGTRACK\Output\

Below are the few examples of the outputs generated after running this script :







References :

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