Changes in msexchangemailboxreplication.exe.config file from Exchange 2013 SP1

I just happened to check maximum active moves per server before starting the migration batch for one of our client who is running Exchange 2013 SP1 and was excited to see the values increased from the earlier versions.

The XML file is located in the same bin directory as it was in Exchange 2013 CU3

<Exchange Installation Path>\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin\



The interesting part is that we don’t need to increase the values of these anymore. Because they have increased the numbers to more than sufficient value while comparing from Exchange 2013 CU3 . Also I don’t think there should be any problem  if we modify this XML file.

Values till Exchange 2013 CU3.


Values in Exchange 2013 SP1.





MaxMoveHistoryLength=”5″ RetryDelay=”00:00:30

This is really a great stuff which has been modified from Exchange 2013 SP1 which reduces the time of modifying the config file during Batch Migrations.

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