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Steps to export/import enterprise vault archive mailbox as PST

In this article we will have a look at the steps to export/import the enterprise vault archive as a PST.

Log in to the Enterprise Vault server and open Enterprise vault admin console

Select the node and select the archives



Now right click on the archives icon and you have an option to export and import as a PST/NSF files.

Now we will see the steps to export as PST.



Now we have 3 options as shown below for the export of PST file



Now choose the archive mailbox for the export



Select the source archive file



We have an option to export items in a specific date range which i find to be very useful



Choose the folder path and we have an option to split the PST files



Confirm the PST export settings




Once we click on next we have the status of the export and


there is a report file of the export as well




These steps  can be useful to export/import the PST to enterprise vault archive for the end users.

Hope this helps.


Sathish Veerapandian

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