Microsoft Office Delve for Office 365

What is Delve ?

Delve is a new option introduced in Office 365 which can be enabled for users and is a new way to search and discover content across office 365.Its a kind of a sticky notes which will help end users to glance through in their busy day and prioritize their work.
Based on every individual work Delve will analyze and will give the information to each users in the Delve Views. So basically the Delve information what you see in yours will be entirely different from other person Delve View.
What Kind of Files does Delve Shows to users ?

Delve shows users videos, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word documents that they have access to. Delve prioritizes content that’s been modified or viewed in the last three months and shows them accordingly in the Delve view for each and every user.

Below is an example Screen Shot of how Delve would look like for the end user


Core Functionality involved in Delve

The core functionality part for the Delve is the contents that are stored in the share point Online and in One-drive for Business.
Its kind of a cached information visible to users as a sticky notes for the documents you and your colleagues viewed,edited and shared in share-point and one-drive.

Functionality of Delve in Exchange Online

For Exchange Online it fetches the right people(most communicated people through exchange online) , Most searched email content and creates a cached information for that user and makes them visible in the Delve view for each and every user.

Functionality of Delve in Lync Online

For Lync  Online it fetches the right people(most communicated people through Lync online)
Users would be able to see them in their delve and would be able to communicate with those users directly from  Lync Online.

Delve updates and changes the people information, documents every 24 hours according to their work. It keeps the information of last 3 months.
How to Activate Delve ?

Delve is on by default. If you turn Delve off, the Office Graph Index will still get built but will not be used in search. It will also remove the ‘Delve’ link in the O365 navigation bar if we turn of Delve.

What Office 365 subscription do i need to activate Delve ?

If Your organization uses any one of Office 365 Enterprise (E1, E3, and E4), Office 365 Education (A2, A3 and A4) or Office 365 Government (G1, G3 and G4) Delve can be enabled. Delve is supported in all versions of Office 365 subscriptions.

Ensure that you are in First Release Group only

To verify, go to Admin in Office 365 Portal > Service settings > Updates and make sure that First Release toggle is set to ON.

Few things that can be checked to enable Delve Functionality

Make sure that the user has licenses assigned.
Make sure that users can access the Office graph
Make sure that you allow your organization to access the Office graph. To verify, go to Office 365 admin center > SharePoint Online admin center > Settings > Office graph and make sure that you’ve selected Allow access to the Office graph.

How to Turn off Delve

1. Sign in to the Office 365 Admin Center.
2. Choose Admin > SharePoint. You’re now in the SharePoint admin center.
3. Click Settings > Under ‘Office Graph’ select ‘Allow’ or ‘Don’t Allow’


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