Exploring Power BI for Office 365

PowerBI is a new business intelligent offering feature from Microsoft which enables to work, collaborate and gain insights of their excel data  through office 365.
By having this option enabled all the users would be able to easily access their data inside and outside their organization and share the data in a secure way. Also amazing visualizations can be created for their excel data and can be accessed anywhere even from the mobile devices

To know more about this feature kindly read this blog – https://blogs.office.com/2013/07/08/what-powers-power-bi-in-office-365/


Here i will explain few features about the power BI features

You can go here and create a power BI trial account for 60 days


Note: For Office 365 account holders to complete signup, sign in with your Office 365 user ID and password.

Once after you create a test account we get the below screen.

Power BI

You can create content pack

This content pack is nothing but we are creating a dedicated groups who can have access to these data. So basically we  can create multiple content packs and assign users to different content packs.

Power BI1

When we choose the first option my organization we can select only users in our organization who are members, groups in office 365.

Power BI2


When we choose the other option services for creating content pack we can choose any one of the below online services that you have and create content packs modify,share and collaborate excel data.

This option will be good and easy when we work with partners, vendors to share the data by this option.



So now after creating the content packs we need the data that can be shared among the groups we are member.

Here we have two below options to import our data from our local system or connect to the live datas.


Below are the options that we get when using the first option . Connecting to one drive and getting the data is also very good option.


When we select the second option to connect to online DB’s we have all the below options


Also we can create a separate group work-spaces as below and share the data separately.


Finally you can prepare a data sets as below share it within your work-spaces and access them from any where and from any devices which is amazing feature.



By using this feature you can stay connected with your reports and data wherever you are which is a great feature.Power BI pro will cost $9.99 per user per month and offers 10 GB of storage, Active-Directory-controlled collaboration and data privileges, live access to on-premises Microsoft SQL Server instances. Another amazing feature is mobility is supported for accessing these services.


Sathish Veerapandian

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