Read MAC EMLX apple email from Windows and MAC devices

What is EMLX File?

Mac Operating System come configured with Apple Mail or the since version 10.0. Like many OSs, Mac OSX includes Apple Mail as its default-messaging platform for desktop communication. The set of qualitative attributes in Apple Mac has already made it a standard messaging platform amongst users of Apple Mac system. The improvement adopted by Mac OS version has resulted in it gaining a great number of users, thus, making Apple Mail to become the most clear communication medium by Mac users, owing to its uncomplicated reachability. All these aspects have bring out Apple Mail in notice of investigators due to the fact that Mac supported applications confront complications during the procedure of investigation due to lack of a dedicated available.

Location of EMLX File

A file with the EMLX extension is an Apple Mail Email file created with Apple’s Mail program for Mac OSX.  EMLX files are plain text files which store just a single email message. They are normally found on a Mac in ~user/Library/Mail/ folder, available below the /Mailboxes/ [mailbox]/Messages/ subfolder or sometimes within the subfolder /[account]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/.

Why need arise to view EMLX file?

Many reasons are available, making it obligation for the users to search for an EMLX Viewer as per their requirements mentioned below:

  • EMLX file corruption or failed to open. And users have the urgency to view the crucial email messages, without waiting for the installation of the particular email client.
  • View EMLX email messages received as an attachment, which are damaged in between transit.
  • Need to open Apple Mail EMLX file in Windows OS, saved in any external storage device.

Free EMLX Viewer – Open EMLX Files from Apple Mail to read Messages

EMLX Viewer Windows is an easy to use program which provide the possibility to open and view EMLX files from Apple Mail on Windows. However, it also works with the regular EML file format. This is a portable and freeware solution which comes in a handy if you do not have the Apple Mail client installed to view EML messages, especially since it does not require you to set up the mail account. You only need to point to the file and open it.


Although EMLX File Reader does not require installation, you must know that it creates cache files in the same directory as itself when opening EMLX files. As far as Interface is concerned, the mail tool adopts clean window with a native structure, where you can get started by opening an EMLX file or the entire folder which contain multiple emails. The emails are neatly organized in a tree view structure on the left and can be accessed from the right. In addition to the message, you can view graphical content, attachments, and header information such as sender, receiver, subject and date.

If you need to deal with large amounts of text, you can make use of built-in search function to look up information across the whole raw messages or only in the shown headers. Search results can be restricted by specifying the start and the end date. Moreover, you can change the date format and refresh all the displayed messages if any modification were made in the meantime. EMLX files are automatically converted to EML format, so simply double click an entry present in the list to open the location in Windows Explorer and view the messages and attachments in EMLX.

There are no compatibility issues involved in the software as the utility can easily run on all the version of Windows operating system ranging from Windows NT to Windows 10.

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