There has been an error installing the Enterprise Vault Cloud Storage Adapter Components

During the upgrade of the Enterprise Vault  which is in Windows cluster was getting the below error.


While looking into the event view in the application log on the affected node can see the below error message.


We can also see the below error message in the EV installation logs

Machine policy value ‘DisableUserInstalls’ is 0

Installation Log Folder can be seen in Ev installation directory with the format


Creating the registry below registry value will fix the issue :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\CloudStoragePlugins\Install

What is this Cloud Storage Plugins ?

We can Use the Enterprise Vault Administration Console to enable and configure most of the cloud Storage Service as secondary storage for our store partitions.

To enable this – Open Vault Admin Console – Navigate to Store partition – properties

Select the store which we need to have secondary storage .

First we need to click on collections – select enterprise vault.

Then we need to click on migration – select migrate files

Caution: If you use secondary storage that is slow to respond, some Enterprise Vault operations that access this storage will take a long time. For example, both tape and cloud storage can be very slow. We get this warning as well during enabling this service.


Then in Migrate files we can select on the cloud storage subscription we are having   and apply. Also there is an option to remove the collection files from primary storage after they have been migrated.


Later in cloud storage service properties we can provide the service name, class, secure access ID and other options.

Thanks & Regards
Sathish Veerapandian

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