Manage Microsoft Teams Room Devices Peripherals from LogiSync Portal

For Microsoft Teams Rooms Logitech is been one of the preferred solution.
And the Logitech meeting room device peripherals are widely been utilized. It’s critical to remember that the Logitech device peripherals must be updated in order for them to work properly.

Usually when we have the Microsoft Teams Premium service enrolled the best part is these device peripheral updates are delivered via their regular windows update channel. When we run the Teams Room Standard license it is very important to note that the meeting room device peripherals camera, mic and camera updates needs to be performed manually. In those cases managing them from the LogiSync app will be greatly beneficial.

Logisync Portal helps Administrators a lot to manage the Teams Logitech devices completely from the portal. With the Logitech Sync at the moment we have 2 options either to monitor the devices only or to monitor them plus Update the device’s firmware and make any necessary changes to the device settings.

Logitech Sync Setup consists of two parts Sync App and Sync Portal

With the Sync App we can update firmware of the connected device peripherals, and troubleshoot difficulties on these peripherals with the help of the Sync App installed on your meeting room PC.

With the Sync Portal we can remotely manage connected meeting room devices for the whole organization. It also allows us for remote device monitoring, scheduled firmware updates and more.

In this blog we will run through the steps that will be used to provision the LogiSync portal for Microsoft Teams Windows devices.

The first step to proceed with this is to start signing up with the sync portal from this link

At the moment of writing this post the Logitech Sync’s core monitoring and management options which is available is totally free and no licenses and invoices are sent by Logitech.

The moment when we signup for the Logitech sync the first option is to provision Sync App provisioning package on all the meeting room devices.

It is available in the bulk provisioning section for download.

We have options to download the version macOS or Windows.

There is an option to bulk provision them via SCCM or JAMF and via Intune for huge number of bulk deployments. The SCCM bundle is available from the Logitech website here where they have provided instructions on how to deploy them via SCCM. We also have option where they show how to deploy them via JAMF.

We also need to make sure that the firewall connections are allowed so that the LogiSync devices can start communicating with the Logisync portal. They have mentioned the required ports, protocol with the destination addresses that needs to be whitelisted before provisioning as per their website

The moment after the sync app is provisioned in the meeting room devices we can see that the devices will start reporting to the LogiSync portal which is hosted in the cloud.

In my example I have 2 meeting rooms which i have attempted to install the package. They are showing in the portal. On a first look in the Dashboard they provide information on healthy rooms, rooms with issues, snoozed rooms and rooms availability.

Scrolling down further provides us more useful information on Meeting room with issues for the past 30 days, rooms with occupancy limit alerts in the last 30 days.

These above information appears to me to be extremely important information from the admin standpoint on getting a sneak peek at the overview of meeting room devices from a monitoring perspective. We do have an option for exporting this report which is of great beneficial to provide this to the required team.

When we look in a whole overview and a fully updated device peripherals we get the below screen.

And further moving into the inventory we can see all the available connected devices with the Room name, Group can be defined, connected external Peripherals, Sync version, status, health , Use state and seat count can be defined.

There is also devices section next to the rooms which provides information on the connected Logitech Peripherals. In my example have only C930e camera and that shows in the device section.

We can select the device and perform the update which is of great help for the admins. There is also an option to schedule a firmware update from Sync Portal which could be done during the off business hours.

We have option to add the seat count manually here and provide names for each meeting rooms.

Further more we have insights which can help us to better understand the utilization of the meeting rooms.

Furthermore we have option called alerts through which we can setup alerts for the enabled rooms that are provisioned before June 2022.

Firstly we have the option to setup the alerts via email

In the email notification we have option to trigger alerts when the device is in a error state, warnings, rooms going offline and if there are any occupancy limit alerts.

And for the occupancy limit we need to setup the threshold level like example below.

There is also option to mute alerts which is of great help because as we all know the meeting room devices performs a nightly reboot for windows and Teams App update. So we can set the option mute alerts only during that time.

And at last we have an option to set grace period during when if the issue occurs the alerts are not triggered. There is also an option to send email case by case or send them in batches.

On a successful setup of an email alert notification we can see the screen like below.

When testing them by turning off the device we get the below email notification.

And the moment when they are back online we again receive an email notification which states the meeting room is back online.

We also have option to trigger an incident via service now ticketing system when the devices goes into malfunctioning state.

There is also an option to enable single sign on for the logisync portal which eases the management part of this administration portal.

There is also personal devices section which is in beta release that can help admins to manage the Logitech device peripherals of the end user devices.

And there is role based access which can be delegated to administrators for managing this portal.

At this time Logitech currently only supports Rally, Rally Camera, and MeetUp devices that are connected to a Windows or macOS computer.

Overall Logisync setup  can help us a lot in managing Microsoft Teams connected conference room devices peripherals all in one place. This will really help organizations where they have ecosystem combination of Teams Standard Licensing and Teams Premium Licensing model where the devices with Teams Standard Licensing model can greatly benefit from this portal for performing the device peripheral updates from the Logisync portal that comes free of cost.

For more information on the Logisync you can take a look here on their website.

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