Good for Enterprise Overview and Introduction

Good for Enterprise™, is a Good Technology product offered from AT&T.

Provides wireless synchronization  of corporate emails  outside the network.

Compatible with  Android, IOS , Windows phone and palm mobiles.

Users can access and send  their emails on the go through encrypted security without any data leakage.

Good works with integration of Exchange server through an service account authenticated.

Good for Enterprise further integrates with Good-secured apps such as Good Share™ and Good Connect™ to extend desk-based collaboration to mobile devices, increasing user efficiency and productivity outside of the office through ssl.

Good for Enterprise is built on Good’s next-gen containerization, which enables secure data sharing between Good-secured apps as well as app-level encryption independent of the device used In the event a device is lost or stolen, business data can be wiped or locked without impacting personal data

For example, IT can prevent employees from opening files in unsecured apps, backing up business data to personal cloud-based services, or copying and pasting business content into consumer apps or personal email.


Data transmitted over the air, and at rest on devices is secured with industry-leading FIPS-validated AES encryption. There is no need to change firewall settings or set up new inbound connections—all Good servers are deployed behind the firewall with a secure outbound connection using standard port 443. More importantly, Good’s Network Operations Center verifies device compliance before devices are allowed to connect to Good’s inside-the-firewall server.


Below table explains the complete feature of the Good  compatible with the various versions of Devices.


Good Enterprise Administration

Good for Enterprise helps accelerate mobility adoption by including integrated device and application management capabilities, giving you complete control over your mobile deployment.

From a central, web-based console, you have full visibility of your entire device fleet. You can provision new devices; enforce security policies, and remote wipe enterprise data or the entire device from a single location.


Good Architecture



Good for Enterprise provides automatic synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts, notes the user’s Microsoft Exchange Server account and iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Nokia handheld.

Good Mobile Messaging Server software monitors the user’s Exchange account and forwards all account activity to the user’s handheld via the Network Operations Center and your wireless network.



Similarly, changes made at the handheld travel over the wireless network, and are returned from the Network Operations Center to Exchange via Good Mobile Messaging Server. The email arrives at both the user’s desktop and handheld, available to be read, forwarded, and replied to from either location.

A user can have his/her Outlook account synchronized to multiple handhelds


In a simple way lets have a look at the below example

There are 2 users User A and User B

User A has mobile account configured with Good

When user A sends email to User B mailbox below is the transaction result

Scenario 1:

User A sends email from mobile -> mail goes through wireless N\w -> Mail reaches Good operations Center -> Reaches our corporate firewall -> updates Good Messaging server -> Reaches MIcrosoft Exchange -> Finally reaches users outlook

Scenario 2:

When User B sends email from his outlook to User A

User B sends email from OUtlook -> Mail goes to Microsoft Exchange -> Reaches Onpremise Good Messaging Server -> Goes through internet -> Updates the Good Operations centre

More Similar it uses the same concept of RIM  in BlackBerry Enterprise Servers.

Multiple Exchange and Good Mobile Messaging Servers



Good Mobile Messaging Server can maintain user accounts on multiple Exchange servers.

Good Mobile Control Server uses the Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to list, monitor, and manage handheld users across sites. The console is used to assign handhelds to users and to monitor and manage Good Mobile Messaging Servers.

If you have thousands of handheld users, you may need to install additional Good Mobile Messaging Servers to handle the synchronization tasks. Each new Good Mobile Messaging Server will need to be installed on a separate machine

When configuring Good Mobile Messaging Server to connect with an Exchange Server, the speed of the network connection must be a sustained minimum rate of at least 100Mb/s

In the next coming mobility  blog i will further discuss about the installation of the GOOD Enterprise Servers in the Exchange 2010/2013 Environment.


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