Secret about alphanumeric in Exchange Administrative Group and Exchange Routing Group

I was just wondering why there was always some alphanumeric (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) written in brackets in the Exchange administrative Group folder whenever we navigate through ADSIEDIT console.

Also you can notice some similar kind of alphanumeric in Exchange Routing Group Folder as well (DWBGZMFD01QNBJR).

We could see this alphanumeric from Exchange 2007.


No matter how many number of Exchange Servers we are deploying the alphanumeric remains the same.

What do these letters actually mean?

If we use the Caesar Cipher Code (old encryption technique) by shifting the letters we will be able to find the actual meaning of these letters.

The secret information is EXCHANGE12ROCKS. They both actually decode to the same message J


F = E

Y = X

D = C

I = H

B = A

O = N

H = G

F = E

2 = 1

3 = 2

S= R

P= O

D = C

L = K

T = S



D = E

W =X

B  = C

G  =H

Z  = A

M = N

F  = G

D = E

0  = 1

1 = 2

Q = R

N = O

B = C

J = K

R = S

The Exchange Coders while developing the product being passionate about Microsoft products especially Exchange versions they have made a secret note for all of the Exchange Administrator’s  J .

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