MailXaminer Forensic email investigation tool

Mailxaminer is a forensic mail recovery tool designed for finding and reviewing the email evidence

It helps legal firms in reducing the time and cost factor by searching data by particular keywords.

By this we would be able to recover deleted emails preview emails in HTML,RTF,MIME,and hex Format

It has exporting and sharing capabilities as well.

With its user-friendly interface, the application enables us to open as many e-mails as we want and export them to EML, MSG, PDF or HTML format so that e-mails can be easily analyzed. We can open all our email investigation on a case to case basis and store these cases as well.

By doing this we would be able to have a record of our email investigation as well as pull these details in future whenever required.

This tool has the live Exchange server mailbox analysis. The tool forensically scans the entire exchange database and let you find everything which is related to your search parameter.

In what scenarios and which organizations can use SysTools MailXaminer?

Digital Investigators: When they are involved in a Cyber-Crime Case where they need to gather evidences and find the truth in fixing and completing the case.

Law Enforcement Agencies: These agencies are faced with an increasing number of cases in which emails form the bulk of evidence.

Corporate Companies: With employees communicating inside and outside their enterprise through emails, the management needs clever tools to monitor messages for operational intelligence and evidence of malpractices. This could include forewarning of employees’ eminent departure from this job, to harassment, threats and victimization, to data theft and information leakages.

Below are the lists of identified Main features in MailXaminer:

1) Support for multiple e-mail formats

2) Recover corrupted e-mails

3) Mail view options

4) Import cases

5) Remove duplicate e-mails

In this article lets install and explore the product functionality.

The installation of the product is pretty much straight forward with no prerequisite required and its the normal  hassle free next next – finish standard installation.

The trail version can be downloaded from the below link

Just open the application

We have the below options

1) Create Case

2) Scan File

3) Search

4) Export


We have an option to choose create a new case as well as open recent cases as shown beloow


Click on file and select open to choose the source file from which we need to investigate

Below are the supported email files from which we would be able to open  the files


Since we have multiple source files to choose in my case im jsut selecting pst file option to explore the functionality

Once we choose the file it calculates the size of the file, count of the items and displays the result as shown below


Once synchronization of pst is done we can see the emails and have an option to see the emails in different formats as well as shown below.


Example of email hop view


We have an option to export these emails as well


Supported email systems :

This product can be connected to live mailboxes running on versions   Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013. But the file types supported are the same as shown in the supported email files.

I find this tool more user-friendly ,easy to operate, able to navigate through different email source files and minimal cost of ownership of this tool .Overall Systools will help us  to examine e-mails and analyze accurate results in any email investigation tasks without the need of external agencies.

For more product feature you can refer :


Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Exchange Server 


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