Microsoft Teams Rooms – Start casting content directly from your Mobile Device without setting up a Meeting

One of the new feature that was announced in last week for Teams Rooms update was an option to directly cast your content from the mobile device without setting up a formal meeting. This is really beneficial when we need to share some thing directly from our mobile device to the participants in the meeting where we have a meeting room involved as a participant.

To start with utilizing this feature the Microsoft Teams App must be installed on your mobile , Bluetooth must be turned on , both the mobile device and the Teams Room system must be connected to the same network. At this moment the Teams Room must be running on Windows and must be within 10 meters range from the mobile device.

Its very easy to utilize all we need to to is open Teams App on the device – Go to the more option and click on Cast your screen

Once after we do that we are prompted with the below screen and all we need to do is just click on get started.

After we select click started we can see the below options where it discovers the meeting rooms that are present within 10 meters range.

Selecting the preferred room will bring to the next screen. Where we can project a PowerPoint or project all the screen.  

When we click on Project a PowerPoint there is option to share content from OneDrive and Teams Channel which is a great way to share content wirelessly for a content that is already been in a coauthoring mode with team members in a Team Channel or in One Drive.

After clicking on project a screen we receive the below warning message. So its recommended to enabled do not disturb to prevent notifications to be shared. When clicking on start broadcast the mobile screen will be shared without joining any meeting wonderful.

So we can see the Room System control panel states that the mobile device is casting.

And the participants can finally see the Mobile screen.

And can share the content with ease from the device to all the participants in the meeting through this Meeting Room that is present nearby. I have a browser opened with Microsoft site and we can see that it has been shared to all the participants.

This is a great welcoming feature to cast content wirelessly in the meeting with the help of Teams Meeting Room. This eliminates the need to open Laptop , connect HDMI cable and share the screen for a participant who has been pulled into a meeting room for a brain storming discussion .In this blog it has been tested only on the IOS device and not tested this behavior on Android Devices.


Sathish Veerapandian

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