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Microsoft Teams – Create approvals from work flows to Automate Tasks or repetitive processes

Teams is a fantastic Solution where it provides opportunity to collaborate and communicate effectively. It makes it more powerful when we utilize the full features of the Teams. For instance ,when we utilize the power platform to automate the recurring tasks, repetitive processes for end users the Teams can become really useful.

In this blog lets look at one example where as an end user we can utilize Microsoft Teams for automating our daily recurring tasks via the new feature released recently with WorkFlows

To get started with in the Teams Client navigate to apps – choose work flows and select the category of your choice. In our example we are going to pick one used case of Approval of a change request when a new change is submitted in the SharePoint List.

In the next screen we will be notified with the below window where we will be notified that all the below apps must have the valid connection for them to work further.

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