Microsoft Teams – Create approvals from work flows to Automate Tasks or repetitive processes

Teams is a fantastic Solution where it provides opportunity to collaborate and communicate effectively. It makes it more powerful when we utilize the full features of the Teams. For instance ,when we utilize the power platform to automate the recurring tasks, repetitive processes for end users the Teams can become really useful.

In this blog lets look at one example where as an end user we can utilize Microsoft Teams for automating our daily recurring tasks via the new feature released recently with WorkFlows

To get started with in the Teams Client navigate to apps – choose work flows and select the category of your choice. In our example we are going to pick one used case of Approval of a change request when a new change is submitted in the SharePoint List.

In the next screen we will be notified with the below window where we will be notified that all the below apps must have the valid connection for them to work further.

We must click on sign in and all the apps must have the green tick mark enabled.

In the next screen im just entering a sharepoint page and a list that needs to be monitored

In the next page we need to just click on Add Workflow which will complete the basic approval process

And when clicking on the manage your workflow section it opens the Associated Power Automate App that has been created in the backend. We do see the options to edit the details, connections, owners and also the run history if this work flow.

And in order to test this flow went into the Sharepoint sites that was created , selected the Network Changes List – Added a new item in the list with an example Change Name Proxy Update and mentioned the change number.

This triggers an automated email work flow to approve or reject and this notification is triggered in the Microsoft Teams as a Notification to the approver. When the approver clicks on the notification he is prompted with the Approval window pane like below.

Here they get the option to click the link review the change number and see the attached change document if its uploaded by the Change Requestor. Based on that it can be approved or rejected.

At the same time the designated approvers also get an email with the option to approve or reject the change from there.

The approver can also comment and approve the change request

There is also an option to Reassign the Change Approval to another member in the organization just in case if the actual approvers are busy or not available for approval.

After approval we can see that that Approved/Rejected change history with the time stamp records in the received section of the approver side.

On a further drill down we could also see that who has approved the change along with the time stamp and their comments

At the same time, even the end user is notified about the change has been approved rejected as a notification in Microsoft Teams.

Finally the requestor can also check their workflow run history about the duration of their approval and the status of their run history.

Finally, we have seen that as an end user, we have the ability to boost productivity through workflows with just a few clicks. Workflows connect one or more apps to Teams and allow you to automate repetitive operations or procedures. In a nutshell, they can help us save time and effort on the repetitive tasks as an end user in the daily operations work load.

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